Jaw-Dropping Changes to Leverage Internet of Things

Internet of Things, a disruptive technology, is transforming our destiny and world around us. It is going to change our lives and everything around us smarter from the lights on the streets to seaports predicted as far back as in 2014 by Wired, a monthly American magazine. Internet of Things is not just computers hooked... Continue Reading →


Business Development is all about Relationships.

Enterprises need more and more business to sustain their business growth. Everything that is made to attain that goal of getting more business could be termed “business development.” This involves a number of processes ending with sales and post sales services. Creating and maintaining relationships by developing and implementing growth opportunities can lead to more... Continue Reading →

Industrial IoT and the Rise of Smart Manufacturing

The industrial Internet of Things, known as the Industry 4.0 or the Fourth Industrial Revolution, has become a buzzword for automating the smart manufacturing process. It is shaping the future of smart and intelligent manufacturing. Call it by whatever name, the connected or smart manufacturing has become all pervasive. Its prominence has raised to such... Continue Reading →

Leverage Life Insurance with Big Data

A survey of life insurers in December 2016 by the UK-based Willis Towers Watson indicates eight percent life insurers are actually using Big Data in their decision-making. While sixty-two percent life insurers plan to use predictive analytics and Big Data soon for their business decisions. Big Data insights can play revolutionary changes in Life Insurance... Continue Reading →

The Review of Global LTE networks

The OpenSignal’s release of ‘The State of LTE (February 2016)’  reports many significant LTE network developments, coverage and comparisons globally. A network of 20 Mbps speed was not widely known until the past year. Now 20Mbps speeds and above have become common world over, thanks to the latest network technology developments. According to OpenSignal, 15 countries... Continue Reading →

Shoes, Men’s Fashion

Fashion, after all,  is just about the individual choice. Any aspect of human life can be fashionable. Shoes are no exception for that matter. Shoes are not only an important part of necessary foot-outfit men wear, whether dressing for the office or for a market trip or to a party or for a wedding, but... Continue Reading →

Locks Needs for insurance    

Are you aware that your insurance company needs you to upgrade your Home Locks to a secured Locks to meet ‘British standard’ (BS) Locks to insure your house? Many insurance companies need that you fit front and rear doors, windows, French doors, patio doors, perhaps, any other door or window in your house with British... Continue Reading →

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