Locks Needs for insurance    


Are you aware that your insurance company needs you to upgrade your Home Locks to a secured Locks to meet ‘British standard’ (BS) Locks to insure your house?

Many insurance companies need that you fit front and rear doors, windows, French doors, patio doors, perhaps, any other door or window in your house with British standard security Locks. Your insurance company may specify in their policy about the secured Locks that they need you to use for your house. Go through all the sections of the insurance policy to, find out the details. Get your front doors, rear doors, windows, garage, and auxiliary locks upgraded to British standard Mortice Locks or British Standard Cylinder Locks

Many insurers also need all your windows that are accessible from ground level need to be fitted with British Standard Locks. Some insurers also need that you fit your windows with inside bolts. Since the Locking needs change from one insurer to another insurer, it is always in your interest to check with the insurer needs before upgrading.

If you do not comply with the insurance norms for house secured locking needs, it is unlikely to get any claims met with them if a breach occurs in your house.

So it is advisable to upgrade your locks in your house for your family as well as your house safety. If you are still using old 3 or 2 lever locks,  upgrade them to British Standard BS3621 2004 as new legislation was introduced to these standards. These are a good fit for external doors for your house safety; though some insurance companies still accepting 5 Lever locks.

Upgrading your locks to insurer need can benefit as added security for your home. It also helps in preventing accidents. Imagine that windows in your upper floors are not adequately secured.  Your children in their play mood may be ignorant of the dangers of unsecured windows and may accidentally fall. So it is important to secure windows opening to enough airflow but not wide opening by installing necessary locking devices.

It is not only houses that need to follow insurance policy needs. It is more as important for any business establishment as their assets would be much more valued in money terms to follow Lock upgrading to meet the insurance policy recommendations

Do not forget about the benefits of upgrading Locks. The befits in upgrading to British Standards Locks work to discourage thieves, resists weak point in the form of anti-snap, resists lock bumping, resists lock cut.



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