Shoes, Men’s Fashion


Fashion, after all,  is just about the individual choice. Any aspect of human life can be fashionable. Shoes are no exception for that matter. Shoes are not only an important part of necessary foot-outfit men wear, whether dressing for the office or for a market trip or to a party or for a wedding, but also they have become a fashionable statement for men.  Wearing a pair of shoes in terms of color combination and shape is one’s own choice, but if it appeared as improper wear, you will be judged as a person with lack of fashion sense. Do not happen this to you. No doubt this style creation can be a state of difficulty. Everyone has his own opinions on what works for them or does not work.

Once you pay attention and start wearing the proper shoes for the proper occasion your life can improve from that day onward and you would be looked on as fashionable

There are only so many types of shoes and ways to combine colors so it shouldn’t be too hard to remember what goes well with what. There are many colors and varieties of shoes such as Black, Brown, Oxblood, White, Suede, and Leather to name a few. To match your shoes with, there are so many colorful wearings with a variety of hues and combinations. The popular combination of pants and shirts are white, Black, Navy Blue, Gray, Brown. There are several other tone pants, like Jeans, Suits, Casual pants like Khakis, Shorts, chinos and what not

Essentially every shoe color may not go well with every color-wearing under the sun. Men wear shoes purely on a personal taste; therefore color has a trivial effect on their overall suitableness and deciding whether they match your outfit as a whole.

So if you enjoy looking fashionably good,  start making the right choices today.  Make Color matching your shoes with your overall outfit. Here are some tips on that harmonious shoe color with apparel combinations.

The foremost heatedly argued combination is black trousers and brown shoes, though these two colors are completely contrasting. However, fashion is ever changing.  Black or brown, depends again on your personal choice, perhaps acceptable to you.

Brown also goes well with any color. The mystifying and deeper tones of brown and tan shoes will a great deal complement than black shoes to a variety of colors of gray, navy, green or burgundy. All colors of jeans, tailored trousers, chinos, and shorts will match with brown or tan shoes bringing in more versatility.

Whereas black is a shade limiting. Of course, black is always a winning combination, but choices for you are limited. Sartorially black with gray is, by all means, a suitable alternative but a brown with gray choice can be eye pleasing more so with mystifying deep darker brown. Either way, personal taste will have a great influence to sport-it-decision.

Of late more people are glorifying the black and blue combination. Unanimity is that black works well with blue in formal dressing. Black and navy is another combination you wish to try. You may find the contrast between black shoes and a burgundy pair or mustard or tan chinos minimally functional. Still lighter stone chinos can go well with black shoes. If upper half is darker, the outfit appears tonally similar.

Most colors of chinos can work with Black shoes. Exposing your ankle by cuffing your chinos can work wonders to reduce the contrast between bright color such as red or yellow and black shoes. There are no rules for your casual outfits, however, your formal wear needs careful selection as best as you view.


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