How the Big 4 Network Coverage Equate in the US

OpenSignal has recently released its report ‘State of Mobile Networks: USA (Feb 2016)’  that details the 3G and 4G comparative performance of the big U.S 4 mobile operators' networks as assessed by OpenSignal’s 182, 000 users. The ad war on TV of these operators is heating up. T-Mobile, Verizon and Sprint are using every trick... Continue Reading →


The Review of Global LTE networks

The OpenSignal’s release of ‘The State of LTE (February 2016)’  reports many significant LTE network developments, coverage and comparisons globally. A network of 20 Mbps speed was not widely known until the past year. Now 20Mbps speeds and above have become common world over, thanks to the latest network technology developments. According to OpenSignal, 15 countries... Continue Reading →

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